A white label 3D cloud middleware

Our 3D cloud middleware is ready and available today, as a white label solution. There are many ways we can license it for you to use it and start streaming your 3D applications. You can use it on your private network, you can start your own business with it, or we can design a complete hosting solution with you thanks to our network of partners.


A dream come true

At Scalable Graphics, we have been pursuing for many years now the dream to plug our display on the network, as we plug it in the power outlet, and instantly get access to the most powerful 3D games or applications, anywhere, anytime, on any device, period.

Today, our dream has become true thanks to our universal 3D cloud middleware, which allows to give access to any interactive 3D content for any network connected device, with the lowest latency and the highest image fidelity possible.

How it works?

For many years at Scalable Graphics, we have been developping high performance software solutions to grab pixels and send them from point A to point B. Even if the principle is well known and seems simple, we believe that our accumulated experience in computer graphics, parallel computing and high speed networking makes it possible for us to deliver the highest quality  3D cloud middleware on the market. Thanks to our middleware, you can now seamlessly interact with virtually any 3D application on any device, as if it was running locally, but with the performance of the remote hardware:

  • The 3D application runs on the remote server, equipped with the latest generation hardware.
  • The images computed by the 3D application are video encoded and sent to the local device over the network.
  • The local device receives the video stream, decode it and displays it to the user.
  • User inputs are captured on the local device and sent to the remote 3D application.

Access from any device

  • Computer, tablet, smartphone, TV, …
  • Any device capable of decompressing a video stream in real-time.

Access from anywhere

  • All you need is a (working) Internet connection.
  • Pause on one device, and resume on another.

Less hassle

  • No new hardware, no complicated setup, no discs, no digital downloads, no installations, no patches.
  • Just click an play or click and work (eveything stored in the cloud).

A client / server white label middleware

    Server side

    • Full desktop or single application capture (choose your resolution and capture rate)
    • Video streaming of the sequence of images to the client (WAN or LAN)
    • Sound capture, compression and streaming to the client
    • User inputs handling (keyboard, mouse, joypad) from the client
    • No need to modify the 3D application

    Client side

    • Video and sound reception from the network, replay of the sequence of images
    • User inputs capture (keyboard, mouse, joypad) and sending to the server
    • Minimal requirement on the client side: real-time video decoding capability (and Internet connection)
    • Get instant access to your 3D application running in the cloud from any device

With a wide hardware support

Our middleware is fully hardware agnostic, allowing us to provide a fully customizable solution to fit with you requirements.

    Server support

    • Fully compatible and optimized for NVIDIA GRID and NVIDIA Quadro GPUs
    • Low latency video hardware compression in any case
    • Microsoft Windows and Linux support
    • Stream virtually any PC 3D application immediately

    Client support

    • Microsoft Windows PC and tablets
    • Linux PCs
    • MacOS PCs
    • Android devices
    • iOS devices
    • Stream to any device

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